Hall of Fame Spotlight

Amanda Wheeler

State Titles

1985 KS State Petite Miss Model

1987 KS State Junior Miss Model

1989 KS State Overall ODM

National Titles

1988 National Junior Miss Diamond Girl

1989 National Congeniality

1990 National Overall ODM (1st African American to win the Overall)

1990 National Young Miss Diamond Girl

1992 National Overall Diamond Girl

1992 National Teen Talent

1992 National Congeniality

1994 National Elegant Diamond Girl

1994 National Overall Our Diamond Miss

Favorite Memory of ODM:

I have so many great memories.

My favorite would definitely have to be winning my first National Title.

I tried for 6 years before winning.  Made top 5 every year in modeling and talent but took me a few attempts to finally win.  And for the first title to be the National Overall ODM was absolutely a moment I will never forget.

What advice do you have for new pageant families joining ODM?

Enjoy every moment.

It goes fast. I have some life long friends I still talk to today.

I always hear people say it’s not about winning and at times I cherish the friendships and extended families I’ve added with all the crowns, banners and trophies.

What made you keep competing with ODM?

Participating in pageants in the 80’s there were not a lot of little girls that looked like me competing.

I did several pageant systems growing up and my grandma made me pick one pageant system.

Hand down ODM made me feel welcomed.  I never felt like an outcast and always felt included.

Amanda GT 2

What do you love most about ODM?

They provided me a lifetime of friendships. Provided me the opportunity to gain confidence, poise and, grace. ODM has helped prepare me for so many chapters of my life.
To competing at the next level (miss Kansas), being a pageant consultant, every job I’ve ever interviewed for I was offered employment, to speaking and performing in front of 1000 of people.
I will always be thankful for Ronnie and Melanie.
Amanda 1990

Fun Fact: Amanda is the only National Overall Winner to have both of these styles of the Overall Crown.

Alexis Smith

State Titles

2001 State World of Babies

2006 KS State Diamond Girl

2008 KS State Overall ODM

2010 KS State Overall ODM

2011 KS State Q of Q

2014 KS State Overall ODM

2015 KS State Overall Diamond Girl

National Titles

2001 National World of Babies

2006 National Petite Miss Model

2007 National Overall Holiday Miss

2007 National Q of Q

2008 National Supreme Model

2009 National Overall Holiday Miss

2009 National Q of Q

2010 National Supreme Model

2011 National Overall Holiday Miss

2011 National Young Miss Diamond Girl

2012 National Supreme ODM

2013 National Overall Diamond Girl

2014 National Teen Miss Talent

2015 National Overall Holiday Miss

2016 National Supreme ODM


What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory is getting to crown my best friend, Kirrah Powell.

For those that do not know, my first year as a National Titleholder, aside from WOB, was as a petite miss with Kirrah.

She won Petite Talent, in which after I tried to take a peek at her check. She did not care much to show me, but luckily I won my own as the Petite Modeling Queen.

Since then, Kirrah and I have grown to be great friends over the years all the way from Kansas to Texas! To have the opportunity to crown her National Supreme ODM was truly special.

What advice do you have for new pageant families joining ODM?

There will never be an organization that feels more like family.

Preparation for the competition ultimately comes before the competition. Make sure to use a good quantity of time forming quality friendships & having fun!

You only get to see each other a few times during the year, so be sure to enjoy it.

What made you keep competing with ODM?

I truly enjoyed the stage presence.

Being able to perform such a special talent and embody the confidence felt while modeling on the stage is something that was worth coming back for.

I also enjoyed the feeling of uniting back with my ODM family!

What do you love most about ODM?

I love talent day!

Talent was my favorite phase of competition. I enjoyed watching the entertainment everyone brought to share.

One thing about ODM is that your hard work will be celebrated and cheered for!