Hall of Fame Spotlight

Jordan Sheets

     Titles Held:

National Junior Miss Talent 2002

National Grand Talent 2004

National Grand Talent 2006

National Supreme ODM 2008

National Supreme ODM 2010



     Favorite Memory

“Whenever I got to crown Tatum that first time.

I just knew how hard she worked and how badly she wanted it. When they called her name, I was IN TEARS. It was the most special moment and I will never ever forget it. I was the most proud of her and I got to crown my best friend. “



Bonus Memory:

“Getting to crown her a second time and truly make history in getting to crown my very own sister for her second supreme title at ODM. No other feeling like it.”

Tell us something that you would tell someone new to the ODM organization:

“This organization is magical. People come from all over to compete together and you end up with these life long friendships with people from all different cities and states.

I have really got multiple parents, sisters, and kids that I am more than thankful to call my chosen family. Everyone in this business of making sure that ALL of the girls get to go on stage to put their best foot forward. The best place and I am so happy to have been apart of it for over 20 years.”



One takeaway from ODM:

ODM has taught me that there is so much more than winning in life. I LOVE getting to root for my friends and cheer them on no matter what. At ODM, we focus on building and aquiring skills from the pageant EVEN OVER 20 YEARS LATER!!

Tatum Sheets

     Titles Held:

National Junior Miss Talent 2003

National Supreme ODM 2009

National Supreme ODM 2011




     Favorite Memory

“My absolute favorite memory is when I won the Overall Our Diamond Miss for the first time. I got to run up onstage and the first person I wanted to hug was the one I got to!

My sister Jordan and I got to have this huge moment where we hugged and cried. Then we kind of had to get ourselves together. I worked so hard that year because the year before I did not win anything so I was SO determined all year and I think just feeling that hard work pay off was so rewarding for both Jordan and I. It was just the coolest thing ever!”

Tell us something that you would tell someone new to the ODM organization:

“I would tell them that it truly is a family. You will never find such a supportive and fun group of people. You will make life-long friendships that will mean the world to you. Take the chance.”



One takeaway from ODM:

“One takeaway I had that I did not see coming was the interview process and how that would help me now in my adult life. Interviewing for jobs is not that scary because I have been in so many interviews!

With my career now, I am a musician and I am able to get up in front of people and speak and sing every single week and I just KNOW I could never have had the carrer I do now without the confidence that ODM gave me.”

Jordan & Tatum Crowning Moment