Deven Hodges

State Titles

2001 AR State Petite Glamour Girl

2002 AR State Petite Talent

2003 AR State Overall Diamond Girl

2003 AR State Q of Q

2004 AR State Supreme ODM

2006 AR State Supreme ODM

2008 AR State Supreme Model

National Titles

2001 National Petite Diamond Girl

2006 National Young Miss Model

2011 National Teen Miss Glamour Girl

2011 National Teen Model

What Is Your Favorite Memories?

There is something special about watching your daughter win National Overall in the same pageant system you grew up in.

Adding in getting to share that moment with my mom. I do not think there is anything that can top it.

How did ODM shape your future?

Our Diamond Miss is where I fell in love with all things hair and makeup.

Also, where I learned effective communication and people skills.

This system quite literally paved the way for my career, and equipped me with the skills needed to build a successful business.

What advice would you give to new families coming to nationals for the first time?

Do not be so caught up in winning a title that you miss out on all of the other amazing things Our Diamond Miss has to give.

I built lifelong friendships, gained so many life skills, and created some of my best childhood memories with this system.

Now, I get to watch my daughter do the same.

What is your favorite Our Diamond Miss tradition?

“Forever Diamond Miss” meant so, so much to me.

Melanie and Ronnie always had the most encouraging words to speak over you, and you truly realized in those moments just how much they loved ODM and everyone who competed.

And yes, I bawled from the moment the song started, until it ended. Every. Single. Time.

Savannah Walker

State Titles

2002 AR State Tiny Miss Model & Talent

2004 AR State Petite Model

2006 AR State Junior Miss Model

2008 AR State Junior Miss Model

2011 AR State Young Miss Model

National Titles

2007 National Q of Q

2007 National Junior Sweepstakes

2007 National Junior Diamond Girl

2008 National Congeniality

What is your favorite memory?

My best memories do not involve modeling routines or crowning moments, but instead, they involve the many friends I have made throughout the years.

One particular memory that I love is with my friend Jasa (who I am still close to and raising babies alongside today). I do not even remember if it was State or Nationals, but we had some free time and spent it making a “music video” in our hotel room. We were so serious about it that you would have thought we were performing on stage. We laughed so hard and had so much fun that I will never forget it.

I know this memory seems like it has nothing to do with pageants, but it has everything to do with ODM. The friendships – or family more accurately – gained is so special and continues far beyond those pageant titles.

How did ODM shape your future?

ODM taught me to do hard things.

I have always been shy, and interview was easily my least favorite part of pageants. But because interview greatly impacts modeling scores, I was continually encouraged and challenged in this area and I grew a lot from it.

I have had to participate in several important interviews (scholarships, the Disney College Program, jobs, etc.) and I truly believe my experience with ODM interviews prepared me for these.

What advice would you give to new families coming to nationals for the first time?

Support each other!

It may be a competition, but more importantly, it can be a community. Do not be so focused on winning a crown that you miss out on the lifelong friendships waiting on you.

What is your favorite tradition at ODM?

The Nationals Queen Party!!

It is so special to me. I will never forget my reigning year as a National Petite Model because of it.

From an early age, I absolutely adored Brittany Zirkle who was also a National queen that year. It meant so much to me spending the evening with her at the National Queens Party. It was the highlight of my year, and I love knowing that little girls are still getting to experience the same thing.