We’re Here to Encourage Our Youth!

We take pride in over 40 years of OUR DIAMOND MISS PAGEANTS!! If you are looking for a pageant where your child can be judged on her own ability, not against the ability of others, then you have found the right place.

Affordable Fees

We keep our fees low so everyone can join us… and as you win titles, you get discounts on your advancement through state and nationals!

Qualified, Unbiased Judges

We have qualified and unbiased judges who judge each child on an individual basis based on her own abilities.

Fun Family Atmosphere

Most importantly, ODM is about family. We LOVE watching these girls grow over the years and can’t wait for your child to join us!

ODM is in Your Town!

We have pageants in cities across Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. If ODM isn’t in your state yet, you can join us in a neighboring state! Click the button below for info on local prelims as well as holiday, state, and nationals.

Not sure where to start?

Visit our FAQ section for all your questions answered.