Founders of ODM

Forever the faces of ODM!

Ronnie & Melanie Kubiski

Ronnie & Melanie Kubiski created what many consider to be the bestĀ children’s pageant system in America!

The premise is simple: Every child should have the chance to be judged by fair, impartial and unbiased judges on their own ability, talent and beauty. ODM gives everything that isĀ promised without restrictions. The goal is to prepare every child for the Miss America pageant system.

Ronnie and Melanie’s hope was to create a family atmosphere for their contestants – and it’s obvious they have done so by the number of returning contestants year after year. They know it doesn’t matter if you have been with Our Diamond Miss for 10 years or are coming for the first time… you will be treated with same welcome attention and you will know your chances of winning are the same as everyone else’s. ODM tries to make each child feel special and that they have done a great job no matter what!