For more indepth questions please reach out to your state director and they can help you!!

Do not know your state director? Click the button below and then click the state you are from. Reach out and ask away!!

How long can we model on stage?

You can model up to 90 seconds on stage.

How long can our talent be?

Talent can be up to 2 minutes and 50 seconds long.

How long is interview?

Interview is 90 seconds long.

What are the Diamond Girl modeling events?

Party Dress

Four Seasons – *Brand New Event* Do you have a favorite time of year? Show your style as we travel through Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall!!

Vacation/Location – Where would you go and what would you do on your next vacation? Any kind of vacation themed outfit but it must be an actual place to travel to. (Sorry, no imaginary locations)

New York Fashion Week – From the runways of New York, this category is all about FASHION! Show off the styles you might see in the famous runways. This category is anything goes and lets you strut your stuff.

Are props allowed?

Props are only allowed on stage if used within their talent.

A background set is not allowed on stage to set the scene for their talent.

Head Mic Information

If the contestant chooses to use a head mic for their talent please closely read below.

A mic pack will be placed in a pouch and then safety pinned on the back of the talent costume.

If you do flips, the head mic is not for you and we will not place it on the contestant. Please choose a different microphone.

The mic pack has to have the antenna sticking out to ensure the best sound quality.

If you have an outfit change, let us know so we can place the mic pouch properly and the pack does not hit the ground.

Microphones we offer

Wireless Hand Mic

Head Mic

Instrumental Mic

Youth Diamond Girl vs Sweepstakes

Diamond Girl

  • Includes the four modeling events plus talent


  • Includes the four modeling events plus photogenic & portfolio
Baby vs Youth Model Pattern
What happens each day of Nationals?

Friday, July 12th

  • Registration for Babies and those in the Diamond Girl competition

Saturday, July 13th

  • Morning: World of Babies Competition
  • After Baby Crowning: Diamond Girl Competition Begins

Sunday, July 14th

  • Finish Diamond Girl Competition
  • 2nd Round of Registration: This is for those who are only entered in Diamond Miss & did not register on Friday.
  • Orientation (Mandantory)

Monday, July 15th

  • Modeling Monday!!
  • Interview, Party Dress, & Casual Wear
  • Contestants Free Night

Tuesday, July 16th

  • Talent Tuesday
  • Group contestant photo
  • Bingo Night

Wednesday, July 17th

  • Winning Wednesday!!
  • Morning Awards: Side Awards, Diamond Girl, Sweepstakes, Photogenic, etc.
  • Top 5 talent & modeling
  • Farewells
  • Crowning
Can I take pictures/videos of my child?

At state and nationals, videography or photography of any kind is not allowed from the audience.

We have a wonderful videographer and photographer, Jerry Watson, who does all the state & national pageants for ODM.

How do I need to bring my music?

CDs is the only way we accept talent music.

Playing music off of your phone, zip drive, tablet, etc. is not allowed.

What is the Cover Girl Title?

Everyone selling $500 of advertising has the option to receive 20% back of their total ad sales in cash or apply it to their entry fees.

The contestants who sell the most advertisements over $500 will receive a crown, sash, trophy, choice of money awards, and her picture on the cover of the State Program Book. PLUS reign as a queen for a year.


** This is NOT mandantory and does not relate to any competition. **